Brow lamination is currently one of the most talked-about trends in the cosmetic industry. This procedure is frequently attributed to giving celebrities and supermodels the full and defined brows that are in such high demand. According to famous celebrity brow artist and facialist René de la Garza, brow lamination has only been available in the United States for the past few years. This means that the gravity-defying method can also be perplexing for newcomers. 

In fact, all of us are still new to it, as brow lamination has only recently arrived in the country. Therefore, we can say that this is still a relatively new trend that is here to stay and will only continue to improve! 

But how exactly does one laminate their brows? And where does that name come from? And, most importantly, once you’ve been laminated, are you going to be stuck with bushy brows? Stay tuned for the answers.

What is Brow Lamination? 

Eyebrow lamination is a fairly recent process that focuses on developing lustrous and smooth brows. It is performed by using a laminating agent. The high-shine results, which are frequently referred to as an “eyebrow perm,” are typically sought after by individuals who may be facing thinning brows or brows that are difficult to control. In contrast to microblading, this procedure does not include needles or coloring.

If you want to maintain your brows groomed a specific way but are sick of using eyebrow gel every day, you could find that eyebrow lamination, which is a semipermanent technique, is a wonderful option for you. 

In order to keep getting the same results, you are going to have to go through the process again at some time in the future, and this comes with certain hazards. Continue reading to understand everything else about this trend that you really need to know.

Why is this process referred to as brow lamination?

Remember the laminator machines from when you were in elementary school? The process of lamination involves covering a level surface with a layer of plastic or another type of protective coating in an attempt to keep it in place. A comparable procedure is followed while doing brow lamination.  

After applying the perm mixture and neutralizing lotion to the hair, the area around the brows is then covered with plastic wrap to enhance the chemical reaction and obtain the desired final result. Because the end result shows the hairs relaxed into such a consistent position, it gives the impression that they have been laminated into place after the process is over!

How to do brow lamination

How to do brow lamination It may also assist in keeping them in place after removing any makeup you may have been using.

The following is a rundown of the steps that make up the procedure:

  • First, your specialist will apply a lotion to your eyebrows in an effort to “raise” your hair so that they are more visible.
  • After that, your brow hairs will be combed upward so that they may be pulled in a vertical manner that is consistent throughout.
  • Afterward, your service provider will administer a neutralizer to your brows in order to assist them in staying in place.
  • As the last step, nourishing oil is applied to the hair and scalp in order to reduce the risk of skin irritation and dryness in the hair and scalp brought on by the perming chemicals.

The entire process of brow lamination can be finished in less than or equal to one hour. The following are examples of add-ons to the method that are considered optional:

  • removing unwanted hairs with tweezers
  • waxing in order to achieve the arch tinting that you seek for color improvement or modifications

You should also make it a habit to moisturize your brows with a nourishing oil or cream every night to help prevent them from becoming dry and brittle.

How long does it work?

The results of having laminated brows normally persist for between six and eight weeks. The development cycle of laminated hair, which typically lasts between 6 and 8 weeks for the majority of people, follows the typical growth cycle of brow hair.

Maintaining a healthy appearance and extending the treatment results may be accomplished by regularly hydrating and conditioning the brows.

Potential hazards and adverse consequences

In comparison to other operations, eyebrow lamination is often painless and does not involve any intrusive techniques; yet, it is not without the possibility of adverse effects and hazards. These are issues connected to the chemicals the service provider puts on the hair.

Because of its delicacy and sensitivity, the region close to the eyelids is prone to being irritated when exposed to strong chemicals. There is a possibility that the skin above and below the brows will get irritated.

It is necessary to take care of the eyebrows by using oil or a moisturizing lotion to keep them looking healthy. Because of this, a person might wish to steer clear of receiving many treatments within the span of six weeks.

If the chemical gets into the eyes inadvertently when the treatment is being performed, there is a chance that the damage to the skin will be permanent. According to the findings of a research study that was conducted in the year 2021, ocular issues caused by treatments to the eye area might range from having dry eyes to having one’s vision impaired.

Comparison of microblading and eyebrow lamination

Both microblading and eyebrow lamination are considered to be separate treatments.

Microblading is a type of tattooing that includes the use of needles to apply semipermanent dye markings to the eyebrows. The method is known as “microblading.”

Eyebrow lamination is a non-invasive alternative to tattooing that thickens and raises the hairs in the brow area, allowing the provider to sculpt them into a fuller and thicker appearance.

The Bottom Line

Brow lamination is a technique that is gaining in popularity and is used to create fuller and more robust brows. It has the potential to aid those who struggle with a variety of eyebrow concerns.

However, similar to other treatments for the eyebrows, it comes with the possibility of a variety of hazards and adverse effects, ranging from irritation of the skin to a loss of vision. It is necessary to seek suppliers with a good reputation and qualified specialists with great knowledge in eyebrow laminating.

It is essential for a person who suffers from a particular skin problem to consult with a dermatologist prior to receiving any therapy that has the potential to make their condition even worse.

Visit Destiny Med Spa and let the skilled technicians in the clinic do the brow lamination for you if you want the very finest outcomes from the procedure.

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