It’s no secret that our faces’ most significant features include our brows. Since everyone’s brows range in size, shape, hue, and thickness, they can be very varied and give a face a unique personality. Understandably, we would spend so much time honing our brows with our numerous gels, powder, liners, and other products because they can make such a huge impact.

Imagine having those flawless Instagram brows when you get up in the morning without ever having to lift a finger. Does it seem too wonderful to be true? Welcome to the world of eyebrow tinting.

Brow bars and salons worldwide provide this holy grail procedure and regular brow shaping. No matter how miraculous the results are, this brow procedure is intimidating because a bad tint job can be very challenging to cover up. Should we attempt to shape our eyebrows or get a professional to do it? From the professionals themselves, we’ve outlined all you need to know about eyebrow tinting below.

All About Eye Brow Tinting

A method for coloring brow hairs semi-permanently is called eyebrow tinting. Additionally, it leaves a stain that matches the skin’s tone, which acts as a filler for the brow’s weaker gaps. Enhancing your natural brows with tinting emphasizes and shapes them. The stain lasts for about a week, but it takes two to four weeks for the actual shade of the hair to emerge.

You should anticipate spending anywhere from $7 to $30 per session, depending on the establishment and the provider’s skill level; however, some estheticians charge up to $65. However, don’t limit your search to salons with the lowest prices.

Since this therapy includes applying chemicals close to the eyes, you should visit a secure, reputed office with a licensed specialist. For those who want to do it themselves, kits to color your eyebrows at home may be purchased for around the same price as a single in-office procedure.

4 Benefits of Eyebrow Tinting

No room for mistakes

We are aware of all the instances in which you have sat in front of the mirror for hours trying to fix overplucking-related damage. It was reasonable to take extra at the moment hoping it would help. Not at all. Sometimes you just want to remove a few stray hairs, but you remove half of your eyebrow. We’ve all experienced the awkward phase that comes next.

Your sense of self-worth has been severely damaged throughout this entire process. You’re certain that the two enormous failures in the center of your forehead are the first thing people notice when they glance at you.

But it doesn’t have to be this way ever again! These catastrophic blunders are intended to serve as confidence-boosting tools through eyebrow tinting. Your brows are tinted by a professional for a lovely, natural look. After tinting, your brows are normally left alone and do not require shaping. After tinting, if you still want to tweeze, the shade will show you just where to do so.

Time Saver

We don’t need to know how many hours you spend going to the waxing salon. We’ve also been there. It takes about the same time to tint your brows to fill them in when you apply makeup.

Consider how much time you will save! What will you do with all the extra time you have in the early hours? You have time in your schedule for anything, such as pressing the snooze button a few more times or getting coffee before starting the day. You won’t have to be concerned about wasting a lot of time receiving the tint done in the salon, either! It takes no more than ten minutes to complete the process.

No More Frustration!

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Pain is beautiful.” That was, of course, before eyebrow tinting. Consider all your suffering to keep your brows in good shape! You are no longer required to tolerate it. No more sweating in anticipation of the artist tearing the wax, no more screams from painful pulls.

Tinting your eyebrows is a very painless process. An artist begins by painstakingly choosing the ideal hue for you. Then they color each brow hair using a vegetable dye. Be at ease; this vegetable dye won’t leave a stain on your skin. You are left with bigger, better-defined brows once the artist eliminates the dye after the color has dried.

Look Bold with Much less Makeup.

You may instantly achieve a neat, natural look by tinting your brows. It conceals trouble spots and gives the appearance of thick brows. You can easily achieve a flattering appearance like this with minimal to no makeup. Can you picture removing all of your makeup in the morning and feeling confident enough to go out in public? You might have the appearance to pull this off if you color your brows.

What kind of skincare may I use after tinting my brows?

You should avoid only skincare products for brow tint maintenance include a tan or gradual tanning ingredients. The reaction between the tan and the tint might turn your brows into an unattractive shade of green.

Exfoliators and anti-aging skincare products should be avoided on the treated region for three days after your tinting procedure if it also involves some hair removal treatments.

Is it advisable to brush your brows?

We understand that using a spoolie brush to brush your freshly shaped brows is immensely pleasurable, but be careful. Too much brushing might lighten your complexion and cause hair to fall out more quickly than it should. For this reason, it’s ideal for brushing them into position before using a brow gel to keep them in place all day. When it’s time for your next tint treatment, choosing a tinted brow gel also adds a dash of color.

Although at-home kits are available for eyebrow tinting, a trained stylist will ensure that you leave the salon with the perfect brows for your face. Many customers visit salons after trying to color their brows at home without success. Schedule a visit at Destiny Med Spa immediately instead of making that mistake!

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