The look of the skin may begin to alter as we age. Deeper and more delicate lines may start to form. The skin might become floppy, losing its flexibility and “bounce,” and transform from having a smooth, supple appearance to having a dry, dehydrated look. None of us should be anticipating this at all! We no longer have to smile and bear it when it comes to skin aging.

Modern technologies like radiofrequency (RF) and clinical microneedling have been well-documented as being highly effective in aiding in the rejuvenation and repair of the skin, among other advancements in cosmetic medicine. We now have the Morpheus8, a powerful treatment that combines RF and microneedling and delivers notable improvements for aging, lifeless skin.

What’s Morpheus 8?

The Morpheus8 is a medical device that has been tested in clinical settings and provides RF heat technology in addition to fractional microneedling in the shape of micro pins. When the device is put to the skin, the tiny pins cause trauma to the skin, which may be described as injury.

The radiofrequency radiation penetrates to the deeper levels of the dermis, where the production of critical skin-healing proteins like collagen and elastin occurs. Collagen and elastin are two components of skin that gradually diminish with age. By increasing the creation of these compounds, the skin is rejuvenated, improved in its ability to retain moisture, and made more resistant to damage.

Morpheus8 helps create a plumper appearance to the skin by smoothing out the tone and texture. Morpheus8 not only assists in replenishing and rejuvenating the skin, but it also can potentially lessen the visibility of scars and pigmentation brought on by sun exposure and the natural aging process.

The following are some of the skin problems that can be treated with Morpheus8:

  • Lines and wrinkles that are only mild to severe in severity
  • Sagging, loose, and crêpey skin
  • Hyperpigmentation, sun spots, and sun exposure
  • Scars, such as those left by acne and other traumatic events
  • Dry skin

Morpheus8 can treat all body parts, which is excellent news for those of us who have loose skin in some places of the body, like the elbows or the area just above the knees. On the other hand, the treatment is most frequently carried out on parts of the body that are impacted by the natural aging process, such as the face, the neck, and the midriff.

Is Morpheus8 Appropriate for you?

Morpheus8 is a therapy that does not require surgery and does not cause any damage to the patient’s skin in the process. This treatment is beneficial for individuals who have mild to moderately aged skin with an uneven skin texture. Nevertheless, before any non-surgical procedure is carried out, the clinician will ask that you have a no-obligation consultation.

This will allow us to examine your unique issues, analyze your skin, and check your health information. This pre-treatment evaluation is something that clinics do for all patients as part of their duty of care to them. It’s done so that you are entirely aware of the procedures of the treatment and that clinicians can be sure that you do not have any medical contraindications that could prevent or restrict you from receiving the treatment.

These are the following thing that will be discussed:

  • Personal or family history of cancer, including but not limited to skin cancer
  • Any metallic or electrical implants that are placed into the face or body, such as a heart or an internal defibrillator
  • Implants for the cochlea
  • Implants that are permanent in the places that need treatment
  • If you are pregnant or while breastfeeding
  • Conditions coexisting that are so severe that they interfere with one another, such as heart problems or sensory issues
  • Pre-malignant moles

How Many Courses of Treatment Will You Need?

The number of treatments recommended by a specialist and how severe your condition is will determine how many sessions you will require. In most cases, physicians advise their patients to undergo anything between one and three sessions. The effects of Morpheus8 may be seen immediately, and they will only improve as the skin continues to rejuvenate.

The Morpheus8 Procedure

During the operation, you won’t have to worry about experiencing any severe pain. Because of this, you won’t require any sedative or anesthetic given through an IV. In its place, a topical numbing lotion will be applied to your skin only to ensure your comfort.

After your skin has been numbed, you can proceed with the operation. Because the differences between Morpheus8 before and after images may be pretty striking, the medical aesthetician treating you may ask whether you would like to participate in photos. If you want to know how much the treatment is helping you, it could be helpful to keep track of your progress.

After the numbing cream has had a chance to perform its magic, you will be prepared to use the Morpheus8 gadget. The gadget is shaped like a little pistol, but instead of a barrel, it has a mouth lined with very fine needles that are used to transfer radiofrequency radiation. Our method is adapted specifically to fulfill your requirements.

The length of the needle tips can vary, and it is up to your physician to determine the appropriate level of deep penetration for your particular skin issues. It will take around an hour to complete the needling procedure for scars and anti-aging. On the other hand, more extensive treatment regions can require a little bit more time.


In practice, Morpheus therapy requires very little to almost no downtime at all. Following the treatment, you can quickly get back to your regular activities, including going back to work. Patients could encounter some mild side effects like edema, redness, or bruising at most. To alleviate these symptoms, medical professionals recommend utilizing an ice pack.

The process of becoming well often takes less than an hour. On the other hand, you should anticipate a full recovery and an improvement in your symptoms in three days. Patients usually respond in a variety of ways. Therefore it is essential to pay attention to your own body. If you experience a serious response, you should contact your physician as soon as possible.

The healing procedure following this therapy ought should be straightforward and uncomplicated. Following the surgery, your skin can experience a little constricted sensation.

There is a possibility that the patient will continue to exhibit some minor redness for approximately one week. After treatment, you could find that your skin develops a few bumps or lesions.

This is a result of the needling part of the treatment, indicating that the energy was successfully transmitted to your dermis. If you want to, you can put on your makeup one to two days after the therapy has been completed. Make sure to consult with your healthcare provider.

After the treatment, it is important to have lots of fluids to hasten the healing process and maintain proper hydration. Take the remainder of the evening off, put on your favorite program, or do some work from the comfort of your home. You must stay out of the direct sunlight for at least two weeks.

Since your skin is so new after the operation, you must make sure that you put on a post-treatment sunscreen of the highest possible quality every morning. You put yourself at risk of developing skin cancer if you get sunburn at this time of year.

We do not have to put up with aging skin or skin that has been injured. Morpheus8 is a cutting-edge skin rejuvenation system that is now easily accessible at The Destiny Med Spa. This revolutionary treatment may assist in resurfacing and revitalizing your skin, giving you the appearance of a more young and bright complexion.

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