Certain nutrients help keep the skin looking young. Nasolabial folds and jowls are two telltale symptoms of aging. Still, if we know what causes them, we can take preventative measures or make cosmetic adjustments to delay or reverse their appearance. Our clinic provides clinically proven treatments to penetrate the dermis and underlying layers of skin. Morpheus8 is among the most cutting-edge techniques for firming and toning the skin. We are pleased to offer this innovation to anyone seeking non-invasive alternatives to surgical facelifts.

Morpheus was the Greek mythological deity of dreams and the subconscious. His name implies that he could mold and form the hopes and dreams of regular people, and this was indeed the case. Without invasive procedures, Morpheus8 cosmetic treatments can restore damaged skin and reverse the signs of aging. The results of these procedures could alter not just your appearance but also the structure of your face, neck, and other parts of your body. Their efficacy lives up to their aptly titled status.

Destiny Med Spa now provides cutting-edge treatments, including the Morpheus8 by InMode, a market leader in energy-based aesthetic technology, intending to assist patients in achieving their optimal level of aesthetic health. This deep fractional remodeling gadget combines two technologies to help you seem years younger with nothing in the way of recovery or scars.

How Morpheus8 Can Help You

Morpheus8 employs fractional technology to treat patients primarily for subdermal remodeling. This method combines two potent anti-aging therapies, microneedling and radiofrequency energy, to produce optimal anti-aging results.

It is generally accepted that anyone seeking cosmetic facial surgery should be in a position to devote a sizable sum of money to the procedure, have a high tolerance for discomfort, set aside at least three weeks for recovery, and have a robust social support system. 

But now, modern medical and scientific developments have made it possible to rejuvenate one’s face without needing a surgical blade or anesthesia injection, which is excellent news for the rest of us.

Combining microneedling with radiofrequency energy helps encourage the rebuilding of your skin’s internal framework, producing visibly more toned and smooth skin without needing any surgical procedures. 

Taking Microneedling To The Next Level

The gadget’s microneedling feature has several tiny needles that penetrate your skin’s epidermis at microscopic depths. These injuries won’t appear on a physical checkup, but they’ll get your body back to work repairing itself. In response, your body generates fresh collagen to repair stab wounds.

Collagen helps maintain a firm, robust appearance and a radiant, young glow. Microneedling stimulates the production of new collagen, replacing less elastic cells with more resilient and healthier ones over the subsequent weeks. This means that your skin will get firmer and smoother over time, with fewer wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Morpheus8 is a novel form of microneedling therapy designed to outperform its predecessors. Morpheus8 remodels the fatty tissue of the dermis. Morpheus8 is the only device available that combines radiofrequency with the microneedling process, and In Mode Aesthetics, a market leader in radiofrequency technology designed it.

Microneedling alone induces a healing response characterized by increased collagen proliferation. Benefits like increased collagen production are just icing on the cake when using Morpheus8. This tool induces tissue remodeling, such as thickening and tightness, by introducing radiofrequency radiation into tissue at a depth of about 4mm.

Morpehus8 Appointment

To lessen the discomfort caused by the microneedles and the radiofrequency radiation, we administer a local anesthetic before beginning Morpheus8 treatment. When the skin has become numb from the topical numbing cream, the treatment can begin with a small handheld applicator. The device’s radiofrequency power is transferred to a cluster of tiny needles at the applicator’s tip. The applicator is held against the skin for a few seconds while the treating clinician delivers energy through the needles. 

When finished, the applicator is moved to the next section of the surface. Instead of dragging the applicator across the skin, the motion resembles stamping.

Treatments are as painless as possible because of our efforts. Radiofrequency microneedling may cause some localized soreness. Although many patients anticipate pain during treatment, we’ve found that topical numbing lotion makes the experience quite enjoyable.

How Morpheus8 Is Better Than Traditional Microneedling

We have yet to find a microneedling method as effective as Morpheus8. A small needle-covered applicator is rolled over the skin during a typical microneedling session. A handpiece could be equipped with microneedles that move vertically to “stamp” the skin as it is passed over the epidermis. The depth at which the applicator’s needles penetrate is roughly 2 millimeters. 

Because its needles go in a total of 4mm, Morpheus8 stands out immediately. In and of itself, this is noteworthy because it stimulates alteration deep within the skin’s dermal matrix. Adding radiofrequency, energy that gently heats subdermal adipose tissue for even more significant tightening and toning, has additional benefits.

How Many Treatments You’ll Need

The first treatment with Morpheus8 initiates the change-inducing effects. A series of 2–4 sessions may be recommended, depending on the desired level of improvement. Our goal is to suggest interventions that will help a patient. We first undertake a detailed consultation and skin analysis to tailor our services to each individual.

Tried And Tested

The Morpheus8 gadget utilizes a novel therapeutic modality called fractionated RF energy, which combines microneedling and RF energy. The term “hybrid treatment” describes this approach as well. Scientific research claims that collagen production can be restored and wrinkles can be diminished. More than that, it promotes the growth of new, healthy fat cells, which helps plump up skin that has lost its elasticity.

The Morpheus8 system is distinct in that it employs both monopolar and bipolar forms of radio frequency radiation rather than just the latter. Since the bipolar technique does not significantly harm the skin’s surface, it can be used on everyone. Furthermore, unlike most other skin resurfacing procedures, the risk of post-treatment hyperpigmentation, often known as skin discoloration, is substantially reduced.

To learn more about this revolutionary microneedling advancement, don’t hesitate to contact Destiny Med Spa or schedule a consultation with us today. We also provide other services to address different aesthetic concerns you may have. 

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