What Is Eyebrow Tinting – Brow Tinting Cost And Safety

What Is Eyebrow Tinting - Brow Tinting Cost And Safety

Without a doubt, the way your brows are shaped may have a dramatic effect on your overall appearance. That’s why we go to such lengths to keep them looking good, whether by threading, microblading, laminating, applying serums to encourage hair growth, facilitating a particular style, or plucking. This is why eyebrow tinting has become so popular recently; it allows for the alteration of not only shape, fullness, texture, and color.

Eyebrows frame the eyes and give attention to the facial bones. Enhancing your eyes’ visual appeal can be done with gels, tattoos, pencils, and serums, but these procedures take time and sometimes pose health risks.

Eyebrow tinting, on the other hand, eyebrow tinting is absolutely painless, safe, non-invasive, and lasts significantly longer. It’s a method of using hair color to thicken the appearance of your eyebrows artificially. The vegetable dye (like henna) used to make the eyebrow tint is intended to last for a few weeks.

But before you try it, you should know what it is, the cost, and how safe it is. 

What Is Eyebrow Tinting?

Eyebrow tinting temporarily alters the color of your brow hairs with a semi-permanent dye to improve the look of your brows. Tinting the brows is a specialized technique that can give the impression of fuller brows by making the fine hairs at the brow’s outer edge seem darker. The expert can also utilize it to provide depth to the sparser inner regions of the brow by darkening the fine hairs there. This makes the brow line longer (brow tail) or the front fuller (ideal shape).

A semi-permanent vegetable dye creates a personalized tint that works with your natural hue. You could accomplish this by using a kit or hiring a professional. Still, the latter is probably preferable because of the stylist’s likely superior knowledge and skill in this area. It gives the impression of youthful, thicker brows. In most cases, we won’t go darker than your natural brow color, although that can change depending on your preferences and the desired effect.

Who Should Consider Eyebrow Tinting?

Those with dark hair and sparse eyebrow hair are the best candidates for this procedure. This treatment may also be helpful for those with lighter skin tones so that their eyebrows stand out more. 

Eyebrow tinting is one of the few cosmetic procedures that work well on everyone. Hair that is grey or white may be trickier to dye correctly. Seek the services of a professional who is adept at eyebrow tinting. As grey hair is more robust and challenging, you may need to modify the process.

Eyebrow Tinting Appointment And Costs

The typical treatment lasts only 15 minutes and costs $35 to $40. To get the perfect brow fullness and naturalness, you need to seek the help of a skilled specialist. After that, the specialist will clean the area, including the brows, and apply petroleum jelly to protect the skin from accidental drips.

After the dye has been mixed, it is applied in two stages: the first follows the direction of your brow hair’s natural development, while the second goes against it. Dyeing only takes a few minutes, and any excess may be removed with a damp paper towel once the desired color has been achieved. Don’t worry if you acquire some pigment in the space between your brows; it will fade away in a few days.

Setting up your first session on a Friday will allow you to observe the effects over the weekend, which is why that is when it is recommended to do so.

Eyebrow Tinting Results

After completing the process, you should wait at least 12 hours before getting the region around your brows wet again, and then clean it with a gel or cream cleanser. Your brows will look instantly thicker and more defined. Less is more when it comes to brow cosmetics. The duration of the tint could range from three to six weeks.

Coloring should be touched every four to six weeks to maintain a healthy appearance. Keep the color from fading too rapidly by not exfoliating or applying oil-based treatments. Retinoids and retinol, which can irritate the skin, should be avoided in the vicinity of the eyebrows.

Applying a little layer of castor or almond oil to the brow area may help prevent the pigment from disappearing too rapidly.

Eyebrow Tinting Safety

Know the Food and Drug Administration hasn’t approved that eyebrow tinting dyes. There isn’t a standardized formulation for dyes yet, so people are using a wide range of products, some of which may contain unchecked preservatives.

The skin around the eye is thinner than the skin on the rest of the body, making it more prone to allergic reactions and irritation, which are the two most common side effects of eyebrow tinting. Para-phenylenediamine (PPD) is a chemical allergen found in some permanent eyelash and eyebrow tints/dyes, and it can induce severe contact allergy and even blistering reactions in some people.

Before proceeding with the procedure, we will undertake a patch test to see if you are allergic to the dye used in the eyebrow tinting technique. Do your research before attempting any new beauty routine. Before making an appointment, make sure to get recommendations and check reviews.

Seek Consultation First!

Eyebrow beauty is subjective, and the way you like yours colored is entirely up to you. Know precisely what you want as far as the design and color scheme are concerned. You then need to effectively portray the concept you have in mind to your service provider.

Providers typically offer advice if you are unsure of the specifics of your desired outcome. You might hear, “Your eyebrows should match the tint and color of your hair,” for instance. This will ensure that your eyebrows blend in with the rest of your hair and look as natural as possible.

Ensure you and your provider have the same understanding during the consultation. It’s possible that your eyebrow tinting results won’t be as you’d hoped if your suggestions weren’t conveyed well. You’ll end up frustrated, and it’ll not be easy to adjust the tint’s final appearance.

Your eyebrow tinting will turn out perfectly if you take the time to get a proper consultation. If you are interested in experiencing eyebrow tinting or want to know more about it, or you may want to experience our other services, consider contacting and visiting our clinic, Destiny Med Spa.

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