Experience the transformation of a healthier, slimmer you at Destiny Medspa in Williston, ND. Injectable Semaglutide offers a revolutionary way to manage your weight effectively. Originally designed to manage diabetes, this innovative treatment has been repurposed and proven to provide remarkable weight loss results.

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Semaglutide works by replicating a hormone that targets areas of the brain responsible for appetite and food intake. This promotes a feeling of fullness, reducing hunger and helping you to consume fewer calories. Ideal for individuals struggling with obesity or those finding it difficult to lose weight through diet and exercise alone, these injections offer a promising pathway to weight loss. Results of Semaglutide are typically noticeable within a few weeks, and optimum weight loss typically occurs within several weeks. As part of a continuous weight management program, the effects of Semaglutide can be sustained over a prolonged period. Semaglutide is administered through injections under the guidance of our professional staff at Destiny Medspa.

Benefits Of Semaglutide Injections For Weight Loss:

  • Helps to reduce hunger and cravings
  • Increases feeling of fullness after meals
  • Promotes long-term weight loss results
  • Reduces calorie intake
  • Regulates the body’s hunger signals
  • Slows down the digestion process
  • Does not require surgery
  • Safe and effective
  • Provides rapid results


Who Is Eligible For Semaglutide For Weight Loss?

Semaglutide treatment is ideal for those struggling with obesity or having difficulty losing weight through traditional means. This treatment is recommended for adults with an average BMI of 30 mg or 27 mg and at least one weight-related condition, for example, high blood pressure (hypertension), high cholesterol, or type 2 diabetes. Please schedule a consultation to see if you are eligible for this program.

How Soon Can I See The Results Of Semaglutide?

While results can vary, most people begin to see noticeable weight loss within a few weeks of starting Semaglutide injections.

How Long Do The Results Of Semaglutide Typically Last?

The weight loss achieved with Semaglutide can be maintained over a long period, especially when combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Are There Any Side Effects With Semaglutide?

As with any medication, some side effects may occur, including nausea and abdominal pain. However, these are usually mild and decrease over time.