One best alternative for removing unwanted hair from the body is laser hair removal. Unlike the dreaded waxing, shaving, and tweezing, which involve a lot of hassle and pain, this hair removal utilizes a highly concentrated beam of light that targets hair follicles. The energy is converted into heat and instantly vaporizes the hair damaging the hair follicles.

What Are Different Types Of Laser?

Ruby Laser: Ruby has high melanin absorption properties making it suitable for pale skin. Because it has high melanin absorption, it can leave it discolored if used on dark skin.

YAG Laser: A laser that is best for dark-skinned people since it has weak melanin absorption properties. However, this is not suitable for fair skin since this type of laser targets very concentrated melanin.

Alexandrite Laser:  The repetition rate of Alexandrite, making it useful for doing large areas quickly, is what sets it apart from others. Although it has a long wavelength, it still has high melanin absorption properties, so it should be used carefully, or it can cause skin discoloration.

Diode Laser: This type of laser emits light of both long and short wavelengths. Diode Laser is designed for fair to medium skin types; it has good melanin absorption properties.

IPL Hair Removal: It is also called intense pulsed light, which is not a laser, but it is popular since it is cheaper. The intense pulsed light produces a broad spectrum of light, and only some of them are effective in hair removal. They also don’t penetrate deeply like a laser.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal represents a complicated procedure that needs to be adapted for each person according to the type of skin, hair color, and age. This procedure uses an intense beam of laser light that pulsates into the skin and weakens the roots of the hair. However, laser hair removal requires a month after the session to become successful as the hair falls over time.

Also, several procedures might be needed until hair loss is permanent. The doctor will provide proper medication to feel no pain since the laser will treat the roots under the skin.

What Benefits Can Laser Hair Removal Give?

Laser Hair Removal Is Permanent:  The hair after a laser hair removal will be removed permanently, and even if the hair grows back, it is usually thin compared to before. For people who don’t have time and patience to remove unwanted hair by themselves, consider visiting a beauty salon every 15 days for laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal Pains Less: With this hair removal, the pain is less than other normal hair removal techniques like waxing and epilators. While waxing is painful, epilators, on the other hand, are even more painful as the hair is pulled one by one. The pain during a laser hair removal is almost similar to a rubber band snapping, but try to stick to the advised schedule by the practitioner, or the pain will increase each time it’s delayed.

For All Parts Of Body: Laser hair removal can target unwanted hair from all parts of the body easily and permanently. Unlike the use of wax or epilator that can be difficult on certain body parts. Remember that the results may vary, which most likely depend on the color and thickness of the hair in that area.

For Smooth Skin: The good news of having a laser treatment is that the skin will become smooth without suffering from ingrown hair after the treatment. Indeed, it is a good option for people who always want to have smooth skin.

It Is Cheap On The Long Run & Quick: Though initially, the cost of laser hair removal treatments might seem expensive, compared to waxing, which is the best alternative if wanting smooth skin, it will work out cheaply. Waxing done at beauty salons is getting expensive day by day, and it is also painful and takes a considerable amount of time. The laser treatment is also quick and can last anywhere between 3 to 10 minutes.

What Are The Side Effects And Recovery?

A few days after the treatment, the treated skin will look and feel like it has been sunburned. It’s beneficial to use cold compresses and moisturizing lotions applied in this area. Unless there are blisters on the skin, wearing make-up can only be done the next day.

Also, the treated hair will fall out in the next month. Make sure to keep the skin protected with sunscreen over the following month to prevent transient changes in color. Blisters are rare, although they are more prevalent in darker skin persons.

In general, the most common side effects are redness, swelling, and scarring, while a permanent blemish or a skin color change is uncommon.

What Is The Cost Of Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, laser hair removal’s average cost in 2020 was $389 per session. However, the cost varies widely, depending on factors that include:

  • Size of the area being treated
  • Required time for treatment
  • Number of treatments required

It’s best to have a consultation to get a better idea of the cost for a particular case. Ensure that the laser hair removal specialist has proper training and is certified. Although the procedure is relatively simple, it still requires a thorough understanding of the patient’s background and medical history.

Additionally, other factors can define the price, including quality of service, the dermatologist’s status, who will administer the procedure, and more. Also, the number of procedures is most important since it will get much more expensive if needing seven procedures. The body area and the amount of hair wanting to be removed also affect the price.

The Bottom Line

As the technology in medicine constantly evolves with new and more effective methods, laser hair removal is currently the most efficient method that guarantees a permanent loss of unwanted hair, unlike any other method. Destiny Med Spa offers hair removal treatments, such as IPL Hair Removal and Venus Versa, that help remove unwanted hair on the face and body with no downtime for your unique needs. Also, they provide a wide range of health and wellness solutions to people like you.

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