IPL-with Lumecca by InMode is a safe, non-surgical treatment using the most powerful Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) device to treat common skin blemishes and irregularities. It is more effective than other IPL devices on the market.
Lumecca Treats Different Skin Conditions. Improves Skin Tone And Decreases Hyperpigmentation (Dark Spots) Due To Aging, Sun Damage, Rosacea And Acne. The Skin Appears More Radiant And Even After Treatment.

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There are many reasons why Lumecca IPL has proven to be more effective:

  • The number of treatments required are less: 2-4 treatments, as compared to usually 6-8 with other types of IPL devices.
  • A high pulse frequency rate and a larger area can be treated at a time which reduces treatment time.
  • he tip of the IPL device is made of sapphire and is highly cooled and needs no topical numbing.
  • There is virtually no recovery time: does not cause peeling or redness following treatment.
  • Post treatment requires limiting sun exposure, and wearing sunscreen on exposed areas between treatments.


Diminish the appearance of freckles, age spots and sun damage. Spot treatments available. Or for full face, arms and more. Multiple treatments recommended.

* Packages are available.

Port Wine Birthmarks

Treatments for minimal birthmarks up to 1 inch in diameter. Multiple treatments recommended.

* Packages are available.

Melasma/ Pregnancy Mask

May reduce the appearance of pregnancy mask with this non-invasive treatment. Available post-delivery only. Multiple treatments may be recommended.

* Packages are available.

Cherry Angiomas

Eliminate those little red spots on the body. Treat up to 10 at time. Treatments are 3-4 weeks apart and may require 3 treatments or more.

Rosacea Reduction

May reduce redness, bumps, and enlarged blood vessels around the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. One or more treatments may be recommended.

*Consultation Required For All Lumecca IPL Treatments


What Areas Can Be Treated With Lumecca?

Lumecca can be used on just about any part of the body. The most common treatment areas are those that are regularly exposed to the sun. The face, the neck, the décolletage, the legs, hands, and arms are often affected.

What Steps Should I Take Before The IPL Lumecca Procedure?

Avoid direct sun exposure or tanning one month before the procedure.

How Quickly Will I See Results After An IPL Lumecca Treatment?

A few days after the first session, sun damage and skin complexion can be seen. Over time, the skin will look younger and more brilliant, with the most obvious effects after 1-2 weeks. Having multiple photofacial sessions will yield better results. Results can be seen after up to two weeks for vascular treatments such as facial telangiectasias.

How Many Lumecca IPL Sessions Are Required?

Skin appearance can be improved after the first session, but multiple sessions will yield better results

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