Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable treatment that addresses moderate to severe submental fat (the dreaded double chin!) Kybella is injected directly beneath the chin, which causes the fat cells to die. As a result, the fat cells cannot accumulate or store fat. During your initial consultation at Destiny Med Spa, we will design a treatment plan with you to help you improve your chin profile. Most patients see visible changes in their chin profile after two to four treatments. In some cases, six treatments might be necessary.

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Both men and women can develop submental fat, regardless of their body type or weight. Diet and exercise have little effect on the contours of the chin. The soft, protruding fat below the jawline and the upper neck can be difficult to remove without assistance. Until recently, the best option for improving a patient’s appearance was moderately invasive liposuction. Kybella eliminates the need for liposuction and other invasive methods of fat removal. A series of injections result in a sleek and slim chin area that’s picture-perfect due to Kybella’s ability to mimic the body’s natural fat-absorption process.

Benefits Of Kybella:

  • The FDA has approved Kybella
  • Surgery or anesthesia are not required
  • Fat cells are permanently destroyed
  • Fast and efficient treatments
  • Appear younger and thinner
  • Helps eliminate the embarrassment caused by a double chin

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What Is Kybella?

Kybella, a non-surgical injectable treatment, targets fat under the chin. Deoxycholic acid injections are administered to target fat cells in this region. No incisions are needed, and the amount of downtime is very short.

How Soon Will I See Results After My Kybella Treatment?

Results will appear in about four to six weeks after your injections, with full effects appearing eight weeks after the full course of injections has been completed.

How Many Kybella Treatments Should I Need?

Kybella is typically administered in two to four sessions, about four weeks apart. We will help you determine how many treatments you will need to reach your aesthetic goals during our pre-treatment consultation!

Should I Expect Recovery Or Downtime Following Kybella Treatment?

Usually, patients can resume normal daily activities the day after treatment, although the treated area may swell and remain tender for up to a week after treatment. Bruises and swelling can be concealed with a scarf or bandana if needed.