Things You Need to Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal

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Over the years, laser hair removal has managed to become one of the most substantial cosmetic procedures all over the world. This permanent hair reduction is today considered by most industry experts as one of the greatest medical innovations despite involving a relatively simple process.

There’s a lot of information on laser hair removal circling around, so it’s important to find a dependable source and prepare yourself before undergoing the procedure. That way, you’ll be able to quell any misconceptions or unrealistic expectations you may have about the whole thing.

Here are few things to help you start:

Results Can Vary

Contrary to popular belief, laser hair removal results are not standard for every patient. The truth is that the outcome of the procedure often varies from person to person. For instance, elements such as the color, texture, and your type of hair will all play a huge role in the results. It’s also important to state that physicians don’t always use the same laser brands, which means the results may differ from patient to patient depending on where they have had their laser hair removal.

Skin Care Regimen

Anyone intending to undergo a laser hair removal shouldn’t wear any skin care products on the day before their procedure and on the material itself. This includes items such as sunscreen, lotion, and makeup, to name a few. Just like with a sculpting procedure, your skin ought to be thoroughly clean before and during the entire event; skin care products can react badly with the laser, leading to undesirable results.

Level of Pain

The truth is that there is usually some level of pain associated with every laser hair removal. Fortunately, most patients who have previously undergone the procedure say that it is fairly tolerable. The level of discomfort experienced will also depend on the area being treated, the texture of one’s hair, and their skin type.

Are You Ready?

Now that you know some of the important aspects of laser hair removal, the next thing is to find a good clinic.

Destiny Med Spa is a reputable and professional wellness clinic that offers this kind of cosmetic procedure as well as a host of other treatments such as:

  • skin rejuvenation
  • body sculpting
  • injectables
  • wellness
  • IPL

We have selected the best products and medspa treatments to provide you with health, wellness and balance with science and nature.

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