In today’s world of cosmetic surgery, Botox has always been one of the most controversial medical procedures. This can be attributed to the countless celebrities who either denounce it or sing its praises. However, to the general public and to those who don’t know much about cosmetic procedures, Botox can still seem like something foreign and even intimidating.

But in spite of all controversy, thousands of people, both men and women, visit their dermatologist to go under the needle for all the benefits that Botox injections can provide.

If you’re on the suspicious side, let us reveal to you some of the facts about Botox that will leave you astonished.

Physicians Use Botox to Treat Real Medical Conditions

Most people don’t know that Botox injections are used to treat real medical conditions such as chronic migraines, eyelid spasms, severe sweating, and crossed-eyes. This is because they contain an active ingredient known as botulinum (a type A toxin), which can prevent muscles in your body from contracting. In fact, the use of Botox injections in such ways has been going on since the 1950s, when scientists first discovered that the botulinum toxin had the ability to reduce cases of muscle spasms.

Very Safe

It is important to state that Botox is extremely safe despite the fact that it was discovered by accident. In fact, since its discovery, it has managed to gain the reputation of being one of the most effective ways for reducing lines using a minimally invasive procedure.

Has the Ability to Treat Crow’s Feet

The FDA recently approved the use of Botox injections for the treatment of moderate to intense lateral canthal lines referred to as crow’s feet, or in some circles, laugh lines. The astonishing thing is that Botox is the first and only medical product of its kind approved by FDA for this use.

Botox Is Not Going Anywhere

Anyone who thinks that Botox is just a passing trend is sadly mistaken. Despite its slow pace in terms of adoption and popularity, Botox injections have come to be one of the most recognized and accepted ways of dealing with body lines. As a result, with more and more people revealing their use of Botox injections, especially celebrities, this cosmetic trend is steadily but surely on the rise.

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