May 2019

Give The Mother's Day Gift of Anti-Aging

If your mom or wife is like most moms we know, she has spent the majority of her life worrying about others and putting her needs last to take care of everyone else. Sound like someone you know? It’s a mom thing! This year, give the mom in your life the gift of anti-aging. Read More

April 2019

Be Hair Free With Laser Hair Reduction

Laser hair removal is by far the darling of hair removal options. We see many clients every day that rave about their newfound freedom from shaving. And we agree! Once you discover the beauty of laser hair removal, you’ll never go back. Read More

March 2019

Chemical Peels or Microneedling & Skin Resurfacing

See Which One is Right For You Chemical peels and microneedling or skin resurfacing with the Venus Viva Device have become popular options when it comes to repairing and improving minor cosmetic issues and rejuvenating the skin. However, they do differ in several ways, so we’ve included a quick comparison to help you determine which is the best treatment for you. Read More

February 2019

Top 3 Non-Invasive Treatments & Products For Valentine's Day

There is no better time to indulge in a little self-love than Valentine’s Day! Maybe it’s in anticipation of a special night with a special someone, or maybe it’s simply because you deserve it. Read More

January 2019

Everything You Need To Know About Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are one of the fastest growing trends in the med spa. So if you’re looking to adopt plump, pouty kissers, we’ve outlined everything you should know. Read More

December 2018

Here Come The Holidays!

Look Your Best For The Holiday Social Scene The holidays are here and with them come the parties, dances, family gatherings, and charitable events. Are you ready for all the excitement? Read More

November 2018

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain With These 5 Simple Tips

The holidays are notorious for weight gain woes. As soon as Thanksgiving arrives, it’s as though the universe is pointing us out like Uncle Sam: “We want YOU to eat this pie.” Read More

October 2018

6 Ways To Help Prevent Breast Cancer

One in eight women will develop breast cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. It’s a scary statistic when you think about it. Read More

September 2018

5 Facts About Laser Facial Hair Removal For Men And Women

Pesky facial hair can be time-consuming and aggravating, especially when it shows up in unwanted places. Rest assured, you are not alone! We see many men and women for laser facial hair removal, and they all leave as happy clients. Read More

August 2018

Why Your Gut Health Is Everything

Most disease begins in the gut. Hippocrates even knew the importance of gut health more than 2,500 years ago. Talk about keeping or restoring a good gut seems to be everywhere these days and science has embarked on a flurry of research into the topic. Read More

July 2018

IPL Hair Removal - Is It For You

Have you been considering IPL hair removal, but need more information before making your reservation? This article is just for you! Read More

June 2018

Why Fillers Are The Key To Anti-Aging

Have you noticed a few new wrinkles lately? Or maybe your skin doesn’t have the firm appearance it used to? That’s okay! We are all aging, every day. The plus side? You can slow the production of wrinkles and collagen loss by using injectable fillers. Read More
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May 2018

3 Things You Should Know About Spider Veins

Whatever your age, spider veins are a frustrating concern. These veins are close to the surface of the skin and typically appear in a spider-like formation. They can appear in several places on the body, but most commonly we see them on the legs. Read More