Botox is a US FDA approved method used for the treatment of facial wrinkles to get a smooth look. Many clinicians have been using Botox Injections to improve the aesthetics of their patients’ facial features. It is safe, effective and uncomplicated non-surgical procedure that can help you get rid of expression lines. 

How Does Botox Work?

The facial muscles have soft tissue attachments to the skin and hence when they contract, they cause the overlying skin to move resulting in wrinkles. These fine lines cannot be treated by the regular cosmetic products available in the market.

Botox is an advanced technology that works by blocking nerve impulses to these muscles and reducing their activity. It acts as a relaxant to these muscles, preventing them from contracting and thus preventing the formation of wrinkles. Botox softens these muscles and caused fine lines to diminish giving the face a smooth and fuller look.

It is a simple 10 minute procedure wherein a cosmetic treatment is administered via very small needles. The injection is given to very specific muscles that require the treatment, like forehead lines, crow’s feet and frown lines, and its effects are localized to the area of treatment rather than traveling to other areas of the body. Usually, a muscle will require no more than one to three injections.

The Benefits of Botox 

Botox doesn’t just help you get things back in shape, it can also prevent the formation of creases. It can refresh your overall appearance and you can see visible results in a couple of days. It is effective for removing all kinds of facial wrinkles. The effects of a Botox are natural looking and give you a sculpted and contoured skin for a younger refreshed look, shaving years off your age.

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