Want to highlight your eyes? The eyebrows are one of the best features on your face, and shapely brows give you a new and open-eyed look. You can request your specialist create shiny, smooth brows for you by a brow lamination or an eyebrow perm. The treatment is perfect for those who have thinning or unruly brows. There is no color, needling, or pain associated with brow lamination. Brow lamination provides you with fuller, more even brows. It also helps keep them in place after washing your face.

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Brow lamination involves applying a cream to your brows that lift the hairs. After the cream is applied, the brow hairs are brushed upward to place them in a uniform vertical direction. Your provider will then apply a neutralizer to seal your brows in place. You may also be given a nourishing oil to help prevent skin irritation from the perm gel and the hair dryness that may be caused by the chemical used with the perm.

The lamination takes about an hour or less to complete. You may also have your specialist tweeze excess hairs and wax your brows to create the desired arch, tint, or color to enhance your brows. It is suggested you apply a nourishing oil or cream each night to prevent brows from drying out.

Brow lamination is not invasive compared to other cosmetic applications, but the effects are only temporary. You will need to repeat the lamination process every few months to keep them in shape. Ask your provider to apply a moisturizing oil or cream to your brows after treatment, and you may want to use this same product at home to keep your eyebrows healthy and free from damage.

Brow lamination may not be suggested if you have overly sensitive skin, rosacea, eczema, or a history of contact dermatitis.


How Long Does A Brow Lamination Last?

Most grow laminations last fur to six weeks depending on how well you look after your brows. It is recommended you get brows re-laminated to maintain the look.

Does Brow Lamination Ruin Your Brows?

Perming the hair on your head can cause dryness and damage, and brow lamination or perms could potentially damage your eyebrows with dryness. Make sure you don’t repeat the process sooner than six weeks.

Can You Remove Eyebrow Lamination?

Brow lamination is a chemical process so it can be removed. If you don’t like your brows in the up position, just brush them back down.

Can You Use Makeup On Your Laminated Brows?

Keep your brows away from water, makeup and steam for at least 24 hours to ensure the perm sets.